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 Penguins Deep In Conversation

Painting in Oils, Sepia, Pen & Ink, Watercolors and Mixed Media


Now 102 years old, Helen Siegler has been immersed in creative activities throughout her life - art, writing, music, clothing design. Though macular degeneration has severely compromised her eyesight, she is in fact legally blind, her imagination is as active as ever, and she continues her artistic pursuits.

She began painting to fight the empty-nest syndrome when both her children were in college. Since then, she has worked in a variety of media, winning numerous awards.

Since moving to West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1974, she has become known to the community not only for her artwork, but also for her cartoons and verses, published by a local newspaper.



Helen dedicates this Website to the memory of her husband, Matthew, who passed away in 2004.

He was always proud of her talent and enjoyed seeing her work on display.


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